Stirring up Business

Stirring up Business

In a whole new world at 8 weeks old, Haddie’s made quite the name for herself at the Dancing Turtle. Away from her litter only two weeks, this little puppy has made the shop her home, and us her family. Growing up is hard work, but Haddie takes it in stride and is handling all the bumps and bruises she’s finding along the way. ¬†With tons of love to give and her full body wag, people walk through the door asking “is the puppy here?”

If she is not in the back office hard at work:

…or testing the shop seating for proper comfort:

…she’s hanging out like a celebrity taking photos with all the wonderful island guests:

Next time you’re in the shop, don’t be surprised if you feel a little tug on you shorts. Look down and see this little cutie staring up at you waiting to play………