Island News- September

Island News- September


It’s been a slower couple of weeks for kiteboarding, which has been nice, because it’s allowed us to spend more time around the village.  Remember when we say ‘slow’, we’ve still been honored with a good amount of days of riding.  Brian passed the 45 mph mark on a kiteboard just this past week, a great step forward on his quest for a world record.  Evan’s been training hard for the OBX Marathon, which takes place up the beach in November.  She just clocked in 15 long ones on Sunday.  Her support team is training also:



August was packed with lots of live events happening all over.  Open Mic Nights on Thursday down at Stowe on 12, Live music at Hatteras Landing on Wednesdays, and the Wailer’s dropped into Avon last month along with Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band.  September doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down too much.  On September 21st, Day at the Docks happens right here in Hatteras Village: an annual celebration to honor the waterfront heritage of this great little village.  Fishing contests, demonstrations, and lots of good food are just a part of this fun day.  Read more here:

On September 28th, the first ever “Summeritaville” goes on at The Koru Village Beach Klub in Avon bringing in live music and performances.

If you’re missing the Island, we thought we’d leave you with one of our favorite views: