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Wonderful Monday


Monday started like most do these days, woke up at 5:00am to start another great day in Hatteras. It was 50 degrees, blowing 15-20 West/Southwest and the sun was not even poking above the horizon, but Haddie and I were on the road to the Turtle to kick start the day. By 6:15, all the coffee was brewed, lights were on, the flags were cracking, and the day was filled with the usual cast of characters along with all the travelers that bring life to our shop every morning. As the wind enthusiasts popped through bragging about their final destination (ferry docks), all I could do was anticipate the afternoon kite surf session I was gunning for once the doors were shut.

We were visited by our good friend VT Don:

Then came the CT boys , Vic and Bix. If you don’t already know them they are what I call wind charms. Every visit they come on they are kind enough to bring the wind with them.  It’s our own form of ground hog day, but we are lucky enough to get them a few times a year.

When 3:00 finally hit, Haddie and I closed up shop and fled to the beach to check the surf and hope it had not turned too NW for a fun south side downwinder.

We hit gold, not only was it pumping but A motley crew filled with Tom, Dennis and Gene were rigging up for their 2nd go around on the ocean.  I rigged up a 9.5 and ran for the water as fast as I could. There were some bombs on the outside and I took a beating in front of Isabel’s, but over all it was just an epic downwinder with good people.

Finished the day on the couch with Evan and the dogs which means that the day could not have been any better….

I take that back ,the only thing that would have been the cherry on the top would be if Evan and Jax could have made it south in time for the session.




Hiring for the 2012 season

The doors are open at the Turtle and the opening weekend was a great success. Since the customers are coming, so does the need for a few more good baristas. Try your summer out at the beach working for the Dancing Turtle. Fun days meeting great people from all over, while slinging a little of the islands finest brew. For more information stop by and fill out an application or give us a call at 252-986-4004        Monday-Sat 6:30am-3pm


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