Spring products are here!

We’re excited to announce some new products that we’ve brought into the shop this spring:

Flowfold wallets- Flowfold creates authentic, long lasting carrying gear.  A couple of years ago, Brian won one of the Flowfold billfold wallets through one of their facebook campaigns, and has had it holding strong ever since.  Flowfold products are built with the same high tech racing sailcloths used by the world’s sailing elite.  These cloths are composed of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Pentex or Polyester matrixes sandwiched between Mylar films.  They are the toughest, lightest and most resilient cloths in the world due to their high tensile strength to weight ratios and ideal modulus of elasticities.


We’ve got three types of wallets in the shop now- the Tarjetero, the Billfold, and the Trifold.  Come by the shop and check them out- we’re really happy to carry them this year!


We also have some new products from our favorite artist Stephanie!  This year, we’re carrying her new bracelet cuffs, magnets, and floor mats.  They are all a wonderful addition to her beautiful line.  Come down to the shop and check out her new pieces!



Stay tuned this spring for some more excited Dancing Turtle products that we’ll be carrying…


On the nutrition front, The Dancing Turtle is expanding our healthy choices with a few new products.  For a hot breakfast option, we have Canyon Oats Oatmeal.  All oatmeal flavors are delicious and also gluten free.  Grab one on your next trip to the Turtle…

For that sweet tooth, we also have Santosha Raw Chocolates, which are stoneground from all Certified, non-GMO, Vegan ingredients.  They are crafted with the finest, fair-trade, organic,  raw cacao beans. These heirloom-variety beans from Peru make up less than 5% of the world’s cacao production.  All 6 flavors contain 60% + raw cacao.  Come try some REAL chocolate at the Turtle!



Island News- April


So far this spring, we’ve been lucky to have some beautiful beach days here on Hatteras Island.  The weather has definitely been fickle, but it seems to be on the upward trend now, and we couldn’t be happier.  The pups and us have been to the beach daily, enjoying everything it has to offer.


As always, Hatteras has delivered its spring breezes that the kiteboarding enthusiasts from across the country flock to.  Last week, the annual Wind Fest at Frisco Campground brought in people from around the world for the festivities.  Warm south west winds accompanied by the occasional honking north east have made it an exciting spring.


The surf casting this spring has been unreal- delivering a mix of drum and blues, all along the shore.  Charter boats have been heading out, throwing their share of black fin, grouper, and triggers on the dock.  There’s still lots of slots open to book your charter, so call your favorite captain to book your reservation, before they are all gone!  You won’t regret it…


Next weekend (May 2nd- 4th) is the Hatteras Storytelling Festival- check out their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HatterasStorytellingFestival for all of the weekend’s festivities.  On Saturday, May 3rd and Sunday, May 4th, there will be Bluegrass Music at the Hatteras Civic Center – check out hatterasyarns.com for more info.  Should be a great weekend!


For more information, stop by the shop or give us a call, we’ll be extending our hours after the 12th of May.  Currently, we’re open Tuesday through Sunday, 6:30 am till noon.  Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Island News!