Island News- July


Let’s start with thank you to the month of June. That’s right- we are thanking a whole month for absolutely phenomenal conditions all month long.  The 2013 Triple S was a huge hit and the rest of the month delivered 26 days of riding.  That’s a great sign considering that one of the best months of the year is consistently July.  The winds may not be the strongest of the year, but since moving to the island, we have averaged 22 riding days every July for 4 years.

Check out the Team section for some cool things the kite team has been up to.



The fishing over the past month has been stellar.  The charter boys are filling the docks every afternoon with Mahi, Amberjacks, Gaffers and more.  Not to mention that a ton of boats come in everyday with flags flying high. That means the Marlin are around just in time for the  Hatteras Grand Slam Tournament that goes from July 10th- 13th.  Check out  Come down and check out the daily catch and see what boats will bring home the winning prize.  A big congratulations goes out to Hatteras Fever II for winning this years Big Rock Fishing Tournament last month!


Let’s take a look at the calendar and see whats happening this month here  on Hatteras Island.

July starts off with a bang:

4th- Golf Cart Parade @ 4pm followed by live music at the library courtyard

2nd/9th/16th/23rd/30th- Open Mic Night at Hatteras Sol @ 7pm

3rd/10th/17th/24th/31st- Live Music at the Landing @ 7pm

July 10th-13th- Hatteras Grand Slam Fishing Tournament

Every Saturday Fish Fry- Hatteras Fire station from 5pm-7pm


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next month’s Island News!




Dancing Turtle Team Invited to NASSC

It’s been a while since our last team update, but we’ve got some exciting news.  Brock, Evan, and myself have been invited to compete in the 2013 North American Speed Sailing Championship that take place on Martha’s Vineyard in October.  What is speed sailing?

Speed sailing is when you use large directional power kites to propel yourself across the water in hopes of reaching the fastest speeds possible.  In 2010, Rob Douglas set a new world kite speed record at 55.56 knots for Team Black Dog.  This record has sustained through 2013 so far, but if Team Dancing Turtle has anything to say about it, that will soon change.  With a team invite to the 2013 North American Speed Sailing Championships, we have a goal to set world records.

Seafarers have been using the wind as a form of propulsion for centuries.  There were various competitions on who could get goods to a destination faster.  The winners were then awarded contracts and were often sought out first to meet transportation needs of importers.  Over the past decade, technology has advanced, allowing sailors to harness wind and actually multiply its speed exponentially through sail and board design.  Speed sailing combines traditional sailing and kiteboarding in extreme conditions to propel across the water reaching speeds in excess of 65mph.

With high expectations, we have been training hard and preparing for the NASSC event.  Luckily for us, we live in a place that would be considered a perfect training ground for such a sport.  Windy days and tons of flat water spots to be found.  Check back for more updates as we get closer to the event!