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Island News- July


Let’s start with thank you to the month of June. That’s right- we are thanking a whole month for absolutely phenomenal conditions all month long.  The 2013 Triple S was a huge hit and the rest of the month delivered 26 days of riding.  That’s a great sign considering that one of the best months of the year is consistently July.  The winds may not be the strongest of the year, but since moving to the island, we have averaged 22 riding days every July for 4 years.

Check out the Team section for some cool things the kite team has been up to.



The fishing over the past month has been stellar.  The charter boys are filling the docks every afternoon with Mahi, Amberjacks, Gaffers and more.  Not to mention that a ton of boats come in everyday with flags flying high. That means the Marlin are around just in time for the  Hatteras Grand Slam Tournament that goes from July 10th- 13th.  Check out  Come down and check out the daily catch and see what boats will bring home the winning prize.  A big congratulations goes out to Hatteras Fever II for winning this years Big Rock Fishing Tournament last month!


Let’s take a look at the calendar and see whats happening this month here  on Hatteras Island.

July starts off with a bang:

4th- Golf Cart Parade @ 4pm followed by live music at the library courtyard

2nd/9th/16th/23rd/30th- Open Mic Night at Hatteras Sol @ 7pm

3rd/10th/17th/24th/31st- Live Music at the Landing @ 7pm

July 10th-13th- Hatteras Grand Slam Fishing Tournament

Every Saturday Fish Fry- Hatteras Fire station from 5pm-7pm


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next month’s Island News!




Dancing Turtle Team Invited to NASSC

It’s been a while since our last team update, but we’ve got some exciting news.  Brock, Evan, and myself have been invited to compete in the 2013 North American Speed Sailing Championship that take place on Martha’s Vineyard in October.  What is speed sailing?

Speed sailing is when you use large directional power kites to propel yourself across the water in hopes of reaching the fastest speeds possible.  In 2010, Rob Douglas set a new world kite speed record at 55.56 knots for Team Black Dog.  This record has sustained through 2013 so far, but if Team Dancing Turtle has anything to say about it, that will soon change.  With a team invite to the 2013 North American Speed Sailing Championships, we have a goal to set world records.

Seafarers have been using the wind as a form of propulsion for centuries.  There were various competitions on who could get goods to a destination faster.  The winners were then awarded contracts and were often sought out first to meet transportation needs of importers.  Over the past decade, technology has advanced, allowing sailors to harness wind and actually multiply its speed exponentially through sail and board design.  Speed sailing combines traditional sailing and kiteboarding in extreme conditions to propel across the water reaching speeds in excess of 65mph.

With high expectations, we have been training hard and preparing for the NASSC event.  Luckily for us, we live in a place that would be considered a perfect training ground for such a sport.  Windy days and tons of flat water spots to be found.  Check back for more updates as we get closer to the event!


Island News- June


It’s been an active kiteboard spring with plenty of wind and warm conditions.  The month started out with North America’s largest event The Triple S, at REAL Watersports, bringing in the top riders from all over the globe.  The warm south west winds have made ocean kiting fantastic, and allowed us to enjoy no wet suits starting the first day in June.  On your next pilgrimage for wind to the Outer Banks, make sure to swing by to get your caffeine boost before you hit the water.


Fishing around the sandbar has been good and picking up rapidly.  We’ve seen a ton of Mahi and Wahoo’s brought in to the dock, along with stories of Marlin showing up in the gulf stream.  With the Big Rock Tournament starting on Monday, the 10th, boats from all over are flocking to the area for their chance to win the million dollar prize.  Check out for more info.  We’ll also extend our hours until 5 pm starting the same day the tournament starts so you can grab something to drink before heading over to see the daily catch!


With the arrival of warmer weather also comes live music.  Every Tuesday night is open mic night at Hatteras Sol Deli and Café, and every Wednesday is live music on the deck at Hatteras Landing.  This past Sunday, Grant Austin Taylor, 18 year old from Norfolk, VA, put on a killer show as the sun went down over the bay.  Swing by the Turtle and check out the corkboard for upcoming events.

Thanks for tuning into the this month’s Island News!


Island News- May


So spring is here!  For us, that means the arrival of warmer winds.  Being kiteboarders, this brings us smiles and an increased appreciation for where we live.  This also brings lots of visitors to our little sliver of heaven and helps kick off the tourist season.  Many of the license plates come from across the border to the north, meaning their pilgrimage started over fifteen hours and -20 degrees ago, and we are happy to see them visiting our village.  Coming up soon is the largest Kiteboarding event in North America: The Triple S.  You can find out all the info here-

Above is a little shot from one of our sessions at our favorite secret spot…



With the warmer weather, we are also seeing more fish, and the season is starting off with a bang.  The boats are bringing in some good stuff and we have seen the arrival of the big ones.  Reports of Blue Marlin and Sailfish are mixed in with Yellowfin and Blackfin.  We also have seen a few Grouper and Triggers hit the dock.  On the beach it’s been a bit slow, but Drum have been seen so that’s a great sign.  When you are packing the bags for your vacation, don’t forget the rods.  If you are game for the real stuff, book a charter trip so you can land the fish you will tell stories about for years to come!

The 19th annual Offshore Open starts May 15th.  There is still time to book a boat, so hurry up before they are all filled.  Info can be found here:



Kicking off May was the 1st Annual Story Telling Festival in Hatteras Village.  It was a huge success, with over 200 attendees.  The crowds laughed and cheered each day, celebrating one of the oldest forms of history sharing.  They have already started planning next year’s event, so keep your eye out for updates.

May 15th – 18th is the Off Shore Open in Hatteras Village.  It is the 19th year of this event and has been added to the list of Governors Cup Tournaments, making it a premier stop for anglers from around the country.  Swing by the shop in the afternoon to grab a drink before walking the dock to see the days catch.  Good chance you will see a fish bigger than you…


Mugs In May

We are running our “Mugs in May” special for Memorial Day weekend.  That means that all of our ceramic mugs in house or on our website will be marked down $5.  This deal lasts 3 days so don’t wait because they won’t last!  Shop here and use code MUGSINMAY at checkout:


Lastly, Jackson and Haddie enjoying the water on these beautiful beach days:


Island News- April

The next couple of months look to be exciting here on the island.  Spring arrived promptly at 7:04am, the 2oth of March, and boy what a beautiful day it was.  Easter weekend was beautiful and the future is looking bright.  Have a look below and check out all the news and we look forward to seeing you soon….


NC DOT and Governor team up to help save Hatteras Island


After a trip to see the devastation first hand along our coastline, Governor McCrory, along with the NC DOT, have declared a state of emergency on NC 12- the main artery to the Island.  We know, the first thing you think is “state of emergency, that sounds bad!”  The truth is, this has been a long time coming and will help put NC 12 on the fast track for the attention it needs.  There will be a host of activity along the highway in the coming year, and it’s a great sign for our visitors and residents.  Knowing what needs to be done to Highway 12 is in focus, and will help assure everyone traveling on and off the island this season will have a safer and easier time of it.  Check for updates here:


Warm southwest winds are here….


For kiteboarders like us, the arrival of spring is kicked off when the first warm breeze from the southwest rolls into town. The good news is that it showed up in epic fashion a few weeks ago: mid 60’s, waist to head high swell, and a solid 18-22mph.  As the day warmed up, the wind just kept climbing and although I’m still nursing some ribs, Evan took great advantage of the opportunity.  Rigging up near the point in Hatteras, she took off on a 5+mile down winder with me close in tow driving the jeep along with her.  I snapped a few shots along the way and we hope that it will help all those wind junkies out there chomping at the bit, checking off the days on the calendar until their spring Hatteras trip arrives.  Don’t forget to swing by the shop, check out the weatherboard, grab a fresh drink and talk wind- we are just as addicted as you!!!!

Time to turn the Island on!


As spring arrives, so does the life including visitors of all species. Some osprey sightings have been happening and the porpoises are lining the south beaches playing in the waves all day long.

Rt. 12 is a bit busier bringing both homeowners and vacationers here each day.  It’s been fun seeing the docks filling with anglers and curious onlookers at the daily arrival of the fleet.  Boats usually start arriving a little after 3 pm, and fill the slips all the way through 7:00pm. The fish are big, and so are the numbers of them so make time on your next visit to grab a drink here at the Turtle then just walk across the street and see what’s brought in.  Maybe book a charter of your own and land that fish you will tell stories about for life.  Check out the web cam:


Story telling festival


There is still plenty of time to book your trip down to the 1st annual Story Telling Festival in May.  “What is a story telling festival?” you ask.  This year from May 3rd-5th Hatteras Village will be hosting an event that brings Authors, Entertainers and local legends together to share both amazing life experiences and good old campfire stories.  Storytellers like Connie Regan-Blake, who has entertained audiences in over 45 states, to Plymouths own Ben Cherry, sharing tales of “Blackbeard” will fill the events calendar.  You can also swing by just to get your groove on with Clifford Swain and Banjo Island who are providing music for the weekend.  Sounds like a great event and hope to see you down here.  More info can be found at:


And lastly just a pic of the pups happy as can be…we think they may even love the beach more than we do:



Island News- February

Island News is a blog we created to keep our fans in the loop of what’s happening here on the Island.  There has been a lot going on since Hurricane Sandy paid us a visit last fall, but as many of you know, here on the island we are very resilient people!


Despite being slammed last October with Hurricane Sandy, things on the Island have been great.  With more than 17 days above 60 degrees in 2013, we have been spending many days on the beach and are off to a great start for the year.

Many people do not realize that while the storm did tremendous damage up north in just one day, we had it beating down on us for 4 full days.

Route 12, our main highway on and off the Island, was washed away north of Rodanthe and took about two months to be repaired.  NCDOT did a great job and the road is open now to all traffic.

There are a good number of businesses open this month and within days there will be a lot more open signs lit up, flags on the roadside, and front doors hinged open.

The Hatteras/Ocracoke ferry is now open and running a slightly extended route.  Travel time is approximately one hour – find the schedule here:   Charters have been heading out daily and the word is that big fish are moving into the area.


Don’t forget to check our Facebook page and website for ongoing deals and updates for Island info!